Giving An Old Wooden Dresser A Distressed Appearance

If you had found an old wooden dresser at a yard sale recently, you may want to try your hand at revamping it in to a work of art with a distressed style. Distressing is a process done to make a piece of wood furniture appear weathered and worn. It is a trend in the decorating world that may make your dresser stand out as a great conversation piece within your home. Read More 

When Is It Legally Required For Your Business To Shred Documents?

For security and legal reasons, it's vital that your small business or organization shreds sensitive documents. The problem is that occasionally, destroying documentation via paper shredding can get you into trouble if it is not done properly.  How do you tell the difference between what you legally must shred and what you legally cannot? Here are some guidelines. What is All Right to Shred? Most small businesses keep customer records and other information about sales and products that they would not want to have competitors view. Read More 

3 Ways You Know You Need A Custom Builder For Your New Home

If looking at house designs and options with subdivision builders in your area has left you disappointed, it's time to meet with a custom builder to find what you need. Builders that put up several houses in a subdivision they own often keep costs down by limiting the homeowner's selections and options, but this can be disappointing. Here are a few ways you'll know if you need a custom builder to get the house you want. Read More 

Picking Out Your Business Sign

When you are opening a business, you have many pressing issues to consider, so you may not give enough time and energy to picking out your business signage. You do need to focus on choosing the best sign for your business since it can make a huge difference in attracting customers. City Regulations Before you make plans for your sign, you need to check out your municipality's rules and regulations. Many have restrictions on the size and the type of information that you can put on your sign. Read More 

Choosing Jewelry From Your Collection That Will Bring You The Most Money At A Pawn Shop

If you are desperate for cash, you might be thinking about going through your jewelry box to pawn or sell some of your jewelry. Just know that you might be surprised by which pieces are worth the most. There are a few things that you should keep in mind when you're looking for the most valuable pieces from your collection to take to the pawn shop. Looks Can Be Deceiving Read More