3 Creative Ways To Distribute Company News

Keeping your employees updated when it comes to the goings-on of your company can be important. While companies have relied on newsletters to distribute news and information in the past, there are more creative and interactive ways to get your employees up to date on the latest trends and events happening within your company.

Here are three creative ways you might want to use to disperse company news among your workforce to increase engagement in the future.

1. Use a podcast.

Similar to a radio broadcast, podcasts are audio recordings that can be created by your public information department and then downloaded by employees at their convenience.

Statistics show that the number of people who listen to podcasts grew by 23% from 2015 to 2016. These numbers suggest that many of your employees are already utilizing the podcast platform to receive information. Distributing your company news through podcasts will help employees gain access to the information you want them to have via a format they are already familiar with.

2. Create a video.

With more and more videos going viral, your employees are likely using their home computers and mobile devices to access video content online. You can take advantage of your workforce's thirst for video content to help you more effectively distribute news and information regarding your company.

Creating a video that serves as a type of news broadcast catering specifically to the needs of your workforce will help you reach more employees in the future. You can embed your videos within your company's blog and even provide links to other web pages within the video if additional explanation of a topic is required.

3. Make an infographic.

Consumers are accustomed to seeing information presented through writing, and this can cause a written newsletter to be overlooked. By utilizing visual marketing strategies to create a captivating infographic to distribute vital company news and information, you will help your employees retain more of the messages you are trying to convey.

Statistics show that when someone consumes information presented visually, they were able to retain 65% of the information up to three days later. When compared with the mere 10% retention rate associated with hearing a message, it's easy to see why making an infographic can be an effective way to distribute news throughout your company.

Finding creative ways to deliver news and information to your workforce can be simple. Try recording a podcast, creating a video message, or making an infographic to improve your company's communication in the future.