Choosing Jewelry From Your Collection That Will Bring You The Most Money At A Pawn Shop

If you are desperate for cash, you might be thinking about going through your jewelry box to pawn or sell some of your jewelry. Just know that you might be surprised by which pieces are worth the most. There are a few things that you should keep in mind when you're looking for the most valuable pieces from your collection to take to the pawn shop.

Looks Can Be Deceiving

First of all, you should know that looks can be deceiving. Just because a piece of jewelry is ugly does not mean that it's valuable. Older jewelry can be quite valuable, so don't discredit any of the pieces in your jewelry box just because they are outdated. Also, even broken jewelry can be worth something if you use the services of a pawn shop that buys gold and other valuable metals by weight or if the piece of jewelry includes a valuable stone.

Even your most beautiful costume jewelry might not be worth much at a pawn shop. Instead, you should pay attention to the materials that your jewelry is made of. Look for pieces that are made of white gold, yellow gold or platinum, for example. Also, examine your stones -- if you have real diamonds or other stones, they are sure to fetch a high price at the pawn shop.

Know That Name Brands Do Matter

One exception to a lot of rules regarding selling jewelry to a pawn shop is that name brands do matter. If you have pieces from a well-known brand or designer, the jeweler at your local pawn shop might want to purchase them, even if they aren't made of valuable materials. Examine all of the pieces in your jewelry box, and if you notice a name brand, you might want to take it to the pawn shop to see if your local pawnbroker is interested. Also, remember that "real" jewelry from top designers is often more valuable than comparable jewelry from no-name designers.

If you are desperate for some extra cash, you might be thinking about selling jewelry to a local pawn shop. When you are going through your jewelry box to decide which pieces to sell or use for a loan, keep a few things in mind. Then, you'll be able to choose the pieces that will bring you the most cash when you head to the jewelry pawn shop to take out a loan or make a sale.