3 Cheap Ways to Remove Fur from Upholstery When You Have Long-Haired Pets

If your family includes a long-haired pet that barks or purrs, keeping the upholstery clean and neat can be a special challenge. Fortunately, you can learn from the experiences of other pet owners without needing to spend a lot of money to have clean upholstery. You can have a pet without also having its fur lingering on your furniture, but vacuuming should only be the first step in the process. By vacuuming first, you can remove and dislodge the fur so that your sponge, old dryer sheet, or cloth can pick up more of that pesky long hair.

#1-Run a Clean, Dry Sponge across the Upholstery

A clean, dry sponge is an ideal way to gently remove long fur from furniture after vacuuming the area. It is important that you use a regular sponge, not the kind with a scrubbing side that is often used to wash dishes. Without putting too much pressure, gently run the sponge across each area of the upholstery.

The corners of each piece may need more than one attempt, and if there is any long fur trapped in fibers, you may need to put a bit more pressure. It is better to go over the same area multiple times than to go over with excess pressure, as doing so can damage the sponge or allow the sponge to release the fur it has already picked up.

#2- Use an Old Dryer Sheet

If you have just been throwing away old dryer sheets when you are done with them, you have been missing a great opportunity to reuse them. Run the dryer sheet over all of the affected upholstery and you will be amazed how quickly the fur is picked up.

Since dryer sheets are often scented and do not always have their aroma completely removed after being used in the laundry cycle, it will be helpful to consider whether or not you want your upholstery to smell like the lilacs, fresh rain, or other smells that are added to your fabric softener. If not, it may be time to investigate dryer sheets that either have no smell at all or that have a much more subtle smell.

#3-Use a Lint-Free Cloth after Vacuuming

If you have previously used a clean washcloth and a vacuum on your upholstery at different times and been disappointed with how much pet fur did not get picked up, it may just be that you used the wrong cloth and did not do both steps together. A better choice is a lint-free cloth or brush that is slightly damp that is used immediately after vacuuming. The lint-free brush allows the upholstery to stay cleaner since it is less likely to transfer residue.

In conclusion, you can love your long-haired cat or dog without having to love their fur that gets caught in your upholstery. If you would like to entertain friends and family members without needing to apologize for the animal fur that can transfer from furniture to their clothing, it is time to vacuum thoroughly and then try the tips listed above. For further tips on keeping your furniture free of hair, consider speaking with a representative from an upholstery company like R. A. Mayo Industries.