Tips For Self-Storage

If you want to acquire a self-storage unit, then you probably want to maximize the value of your investment. These simple tips can help you make your life simpler and easier:

Packing Your Boxes

When packing up your things for storage, you want to make sure that everything follows a solid weight distribution scheme. For example, you should pack heavy, dense objects into smaller boxes. Bigger boxes should only be filled with objects that are of relatively low density. This has two benefits.

First, it makes the transportation of said boxes much easier. Large, heavy boxes can be incredibly unwieldy and might even fall apart while you are moving them. 

Second, it maintains the integrity of the boxes in the long run. Heavy, large boxes will likely fall apart and might even cave in if stacked on top of one another. Light, large boxes can generally be stacked fairly high without any serious repercussions in the long run. This allows you to make the most of the vertical space in your unit.

Climate Control

You might want to consider a unit with climate control, even if you don't have any belongings that specifically demand a certain range of temperatures. As long as you have books or anything else that might degrade at extreme temperatures and high humidity, climate control can be incredibly helpful. This is doubly true if you live in a region that naturally has very extreme weather. While storage units generally have some insulation, they rarely have enough insulation to prevent the outside temperatures from creeping in.


Your storage facility may have security measures, but you'll want to make sure that they are sufficient for your needs. The type of locks on the units and the amount of security camera coverage are important in determining just how safe your belongings are. If you feel that the locks are insufficient, you might even be able to provide your own.

However, you probably don't need anything more advanced than a security camera and a lock until you are storing something particularly valuable. Cameras that are in plain sight serve as valuable deterrents and will stave off most attempted burglars. Similarly, locks can be potent psychological deterrents, especially if they can't be easily picked or cut with bolt cutters. Consider using both a combination lock and a lock with a traditional key. By combining multiple methods, you greatly increase the security of your unit while not drastically increasing the difficulty of access for you.

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