Your Questions Answered: What Is A White Glove Mover?

Some of the more frustrating parts of moving day are the reassembly of furniture items, memorizing the wiring diagrams for entertainment systems, and the basic issues that come from wrestling with heavy items. Hiring the right moving service can help alleviate these frustrations. The following guide can help you decide if a white glove moving service is for you.

Is "some assembly required" for many of your belongings?

A professional white glove moving company, like the Affordable Moving Company, will both completely disassemble and reassemble any furniture items that require this treatment during the move. They are experienced with furniture assembly, so they have their own tools and the knowledge to get it done right. This is also the case when it comes to electronic hook-ups, like surround sound or stereo wiring. This can save you time while also preventing damage to your furniture items.

Are antiques involved?

Hiring a full service moving company is almost a must if you have expensive antiques. These movers handle all items, especially antique ones, with extra care to avoid dents, scratches, and other damage. They will carefully load and pack the furniture in place with moving blankets, and then deliver them right to the door of your new home and move them into place.

What if your belongings don't fill a truck?

Many moving companies will combine moves into one truck if a truck has empty space. The problem with this is that your items may get moved around or banged up as they load or unload the other client. Shared trucks may even increase the amount of lost items during your move. With a white glove company, you get door to door service. This means there are no other stops and only your items are in the truck.

Is speed important?

Whether you're a busy professional, a young family with small children, or someone that just needs to move in and unpack in a hurry, a white glove service can help speed it up. Not only do white glove services handle assembly of furniture and large items, many will also handle the unpacking with you overseeing the process. This means you have extra hands helping you empty those boxes in record time.

Do these moving services cost more?

Keep in mind that white glove moving services sometimes cost a bit more than other options, but you are paying for the extra service and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your belongings are receiving the care they require to arrive undamaged. This small extra cost can be well worth it, since you won't need to spend money repairing or replacing broken furniture and other items.