Beauty And The Business: Three Ways To Improve Your Storefront Appearance

One of the biggest obstacles any new business owner will face is getting customers through the door. While there are multiple ways to do this, it's hard to find one that isn't extremely expensive; one simple way that business owners increase the number of customers that come through their doors is by making their storefront more appealing. Because the storefront of any business gives the customer their first impression, having an attractive storefront can be the difference between acquiring new customers or losing them to a competitor. Fortunately, there are a few simple things you can do to make your storefront more attractive.

Take advantage of your display windows.

Because your display windows give customers their first glimpse of your products, you want to make sure they represent your business well. By figuring out how much your average customer typically spends and displaying products in that price range in the window, you can help draw in your target customers. It's also important to continually update the display window with current products so that new customers are drawn in as well as returning ones. Creating a schedule for new display windows and planning the layouts in advance can help keep customers looking forward to something.

Keep it bright and welcoming.

Keeping your business well lit, even past closing time, is important because people don't stop walking by at night time. While your store front might be easy to see during the day, you want to make sure it's well lit for a nighttime passerby that might consider coming back the next day. In addition to keeping your storefront bright, you'll want to make sure it's welcoming; adding something as simple as a plant or a bench can create a welcoming atmosphere.

Pay attention to your storefront signs

Because storefront signs live outside, it's all too easy for them to get beaten up and start bringing the appearance of your storefront down. Making sure your signs are always presentable (not broken, clean, and easy to read) sends a message about the character of your business. Having a crisp, clean sign that states the name and purpose of your business can be a very effective tool in acquiring new customers; as a matter of fact, signs can be responsible for attracting approximately half of all new customers.

These three simple tips provide an easy way of not only improving your storefront appearance, but also improving your bottom line.