Use Scrap Pieces Of Carpet To Make A Patchwork Area Rug For A Playroom

After having a new carpet installed in your living room, use scrap pieces from the installation and carpet samples that you have purchased to make a patchwork area rug. Place the finished project in your children's playroom. The rug will provide them with a comfortable area to play with their toys and will add beauty to the room.

Use The Following Materials

  • carpet samples
  • carpet scraps
  • masking tape
  • measuring tape
  • utility knife
  • scissors
  • carpet tape
  • rubber floor mats

Measure And Cut The Pieces

Line up the pieces of carpet and cut straight edges by using a utility knife and a measuring tape. Rearrange the pieces until they form a square or rectangular shape. Temporarily attach the pieces by connecting them with pieces of masking tape. Place the tape on the bottom of the pieces that are next to each other. Use a utility knife to trim the edges of the area rug if some of the sides are a little bit longer than the others. 

Attach The Pieces

Keep the bottom of the area rug facing upwards. Peel off the pieces of masking tape and secure the adjoining pieces of carpet with strips of carpet tape. To do this, measure the edges of the two pieces that are being connected. Cut a piece of carpet tape that is the same length. Peel off the paper backing from the carpet tape and press it down firmly over each seam. Make sure that half of the tape is attached to each piece of carpet.

Set The Rug On Top Of A Floor Mat

If there are any stray carpet fibers on your rug, remove them with a pair of scissors. Clean and dry the section of flooring that you are going to place the rug on. Set up rubber floor mats in this section. The mats will prevent the rug from sliding once it is set on the floor. The area rug will provide your children with a safe and comfortable area to play. Keep it clean by sweeping it off with a broom and vacuuming it regularly.

Easily move the rug to another part of the room if you ever want to change the way that the room is set up. Simply, move the rubber floor mats to the new area and lay the area rug on top of them. Continue to take good care for the area rug and it will last for years. 

If you want to purchase your own scrap pieces of carpet, contact a provider, such as Cloud Carpet One Floor & Home.