Three Industries That Benefit From The Use Of Liquified Petroleum Gas

As an affordable, clean-burning, and abundant source, liquefied petroleum gas, and more specifically propane, is becoming widely used throughout the United States. Its uses span a number of industries. Listed below are the three industries in which propane is most commonly used:

Agricultural Industry

Due to petroleum's clean-burning nature, it's no wonder it is so popular in the agricultural industry. Whether it's being used to operate forklifts, heat barns, or dry crops, propane has a prominent use on many farms, even today.  

Used on over 865,000 farms nationwide, it's no wonder the agricultural industry is a propane sellers dream. Besides heating, the majority of propane is used during the crop drying process, which allows farmers to meet market minimum moisture requirements, and protect certain crops, like grains and peanuts from spoilage.

Heating Industry

According to the Residential Energy Consumption Survey done in 2009, more than 10% of U.S. homes use heating oil and propane. While most homes using propane to heat their homes are rural, it is becoming a trend in the northeast for newly built homes to choose propane over oil or other heating alternatives.

The two main propane heating systems are central and space, and both have their own benefits and drawbacks. Which one you choose will depend on the area to be heated, as well as your living situation. Propane also offers traditional and tankless water heating system for your home.

Steel Industry

As the backbone of many modern structures, steel is an important material used throughout the United States. Used in roads, railways, bridges, and in other industrial structures, steel is used for solid reinforcement that will withstand nature and other forces for ages to come.

There are many uses of propane to be found in the steel industry. Forging is a common one, which includes the heating of two steel pieces that are then joined together. The clean-burning characteristics of propane make it great for steel cutting, soldering, and brazing. In this industry, propane is used along with oxygen to create an oxy-propane combination.

While all of the industries listed above may use other heating and drying sources for their work, propane is by far one of the most common. Its affordability and accessibility make it a great alternative to many other options. While the agricultural, heating, and steel industries use propane extensively, there are other industries in which propane is also used, such as the glass, ceramics, and petrochemical industries.

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