Outdoor Winter Projects You Can Do At Home

With the winter weather here, you may hide inside until it is warmer outside because you are not sure what you can do outdoors in cold, snowy weather. Your children may complain about being bored, as well. There are a few fun things that you can do in your very own yard while taking advantage of the snow and ice. Don't let the weather trap you indoors. Get out there and enjoy it while it is here! Here are a couple of ideas that you can try to get your kids out of the house.

Make An Igloo

You can make a nifty snow home to play inside. Use an oblong container, such as a diaper wipes container without a lid or a meatloaf tray, to use as a form for making bricks. Pack snow inside the container tightly and then release it upside-down onto an area that has been smoothed out for your house. Continue until you have a full circle on the ground. Next, make another layer by placing each brick so that it is centered on top of two bricks on the bottom layer. Set the bricks in the layer inward an inch or so that the igloo will taper inward as each layer is added. Make sure you leave a small hole in the top so you can breathe when crawling inside.

Make A Backyard Ice Skating Rink

Having your own ice skating area is a fun way to practice moves while never leaving your own property. This is great for when you get cold, as you can just run inside to warm up in between practice sessions. To make a rink, place a plastic tarp on the ground where you would like the rink located. This will be the base of your rink. Use wood boards to make the sides of your rink. You will need to nail them together to make a square shape.

Place the boards over the tarp so that some of the tarp is sticking out from each side. You can fold the tarp over the outside of the boards so that all the water will be contained inside, without having a chance to leak out should the weather warm up for a few days. Nail them into place. Turn on your garden hose and fill the entire structure with water and let it sit there until it becomes a block of ice in the colder parts of winter. If you would like a more professional-looking ice rink, visit Iron Sleek.

These ideas can help you make fun outdoor memories during the dreary months of winter!