Maximizing Your Storage Options In An Open Floor Plan

When you are renting, every square inch of space counts. A well laid-out townhome or apartment with an open floor plan can feel huge in comparison to one that is very compartmentalized, or even a small single-family home. The problem with a seemingly spacious open floor plan is a lack of storage. Fortunately, there are ways to reclaim storage space in your townhome without adding clutter. Here are a few. Read More 

Handling Duckweed In Your Pond

You spend time trying to get your pond looking just right. At the beginning, you may notice a little duckweed appearing on the water's surface. Over the course of a few days, more and more duckweed will appear. Duckweed tends to grow exponentially, so it can overtake your pond quickly if it's not managed. While some pond owners may enjoy the look of duckweed, others do not like it covering the water's surface. Read More 

4 Do’s And Don’ts For Moving Day

If you are planning on moving your residence, there is a lot to consider. You are probably aware of the basic tips, such as labeling your boxes and how to pack them, but there are also some other important things to remember. Here are some do's and don'ts that can help make moving day go more smoothly. Do: Get more help than you need It is a good idea to get as many friends to help as you can, instead of just the bare minimum. Read More 

How To Keep Roof Rats Out Of Your Attic

While it may seem like all rats come from the bottom surface of your home, there are also roof rats, which go up the side of your home and onto the roof. These rats are not only annoying to hear walking around, but they can also gain entry into your attic. Here are some helpful ways at getting rid of them and keeping them from your attic space. Eliminate Food Sources Read More 

Spice Up The Looks Of The Bathroom With A Fresh And Funky Mirror

If you want to add some style and spice to your bathroom on a budget, revamp the bathroom mirror. You can give the space a unique look and fun feature simply by altering or modifying your vanity mirror or removing your medicine cabinet. Give the bathroom a stylish detail that melds with your overall room theme and décor. Some funky treatments for your bathroom mirror include these ideas: Frame-less mirrors. Read More