How To Clean The Padding Of Your Carpeting

Some spills don't just stain your carpet--they actually stain the pad beneath it. This may not be a problem if it was something harmless, such as juice, but if it has an unpleasant odor you may find that the smell will simply not go away. Virtually all consumer carpet cleaners will not clean a carpet pad, and trying to saturate the carpet pad will actually only lead to mildew: Pull Up Your Carpeting Read More 

The Three Main Types Of Business Phone Systems

Phone systems are an integral part of all business, and proper communication between all parts of the business is necessary for the quick and efficient operation of your business. There are three main types of business phone systems available, all of which offer different benefits and disadvantages. Knowing the differences between these different types of phone systems can allow you to choose the one that best fits your requirements. Key-Less Systems Read More 

Outdoor Winter Projects You Can Do At Home

With the winter weather here, you may hide inside until it is warmer outside because you are not sure what you can do outdoors in cold, snowy weather. Your children may complain about being bored, as well. There are a few fun things that you can do in your very own yard while taking advantage of the snow and ice. Don't let the weather trap you indoors. Get out there and enjoy it while it is here! Read More