Tips For Self-Storage

If you want to acquire a self-storage unit, then you probably want to maximize the value of your investment. These simple tips can help you make your life simpler and easier: Packing Your Boxes When packing up your things for storage, you want to make sure that everything follows a solid weight distribution scheme. For example, you should pack heavy, dense objects into smaller boxes. Bigger boxes should only be filled with objects that are of relatively low density. Read More 

Tackling Common Concerns Business Owners Have About Elevator Installation

If you want to make sure that your multi-level business is open to all visitors, installing an elevator is the most logical solution. However, if you are like a lot of business owners, this will be one of those remodeling updates that get pushed aside. Installing an elevator does sound like it would be a major undertaking that would not only interrupt business for a while but cost a lot of money as well. Read More 

How To Get The Most From Your Printer

Are you having difficulties getting the most out of your home's wireless printer? If so, then you may be easily frustrated when your printer isn't printing the papers that you need printed or isn't allowing you to have the format and style that you want for each print. If this is something that is happening with your printer then there are many ways that you can improve the quality of performance as well as the features that your printer has to offer. Read More 

Your Questions Answered: What Is A White Glove Mover?

Some of the more frustrating parts of moving day are the reassembly of furniture items, memorizing the wiring diagrams for entertainment systems, and the basic issues that come from wrestling with heavy items. Hiring the right moving service can help alleviate these frustrations. The following guide can help you decide if a white glove moving service is for you. Is "some assembly required" for many of your belongings? A professional white glove moving company, like the Affordable Moving Company, will both completely disassemble and reassemble any furniture items that require this treatment during the move. Read More 

Maximizing Your Storage Options In An Open Floor Plan

When you are renting, every square inch of space counts. A well laid-out townhome or apartment with an open floor plan can feel huge in comparison to one that is very compartmentalized, or even a small single-family home. The problem with a seemingly spacious open floor plan is a lack of storage. Fortunately, there are ways to reclaim storage space in your townhome without adding clutter. Here are a few. Read More