Tips For Preparing Your Resumé For An IT Staffing Agency

Whether you are using a job hunter or an internet job recruiting service, your resumé is still a critical part of the process. While some IT staffing companies will help you with your resumé, you still need to know some basics about resumé building to get staffing companies to work with you.

One Size Does Not Fit All

The first thing that you should know about writing a resumé is that you cannot just use the same document over and over for every job that you apply for. Instead, you need to tailor your qualifications to match the job you are applying for. You should not invent qualifications you don't have, but you should research what is required for the job you are looking at and try to include any details from your past work and education experience that will show that you are qualified for the job. In the case of hunting for an IT job, make sure you put training, past work experience, and any licenses or certificates you may have on your resumé. 

Working Copy

When you contact a staffing agency, remember that they can refuse to work with you. Thus, they will conduct an initial screening to determine if you have promise. If you do not do a good job with your initial resumé, an IT staffing agency may decide that it is not worth their time to represent you. Therefore, you need to put as much work as you can into your initial resumé. On the other hand, you need to understand that the staffing company may offer resumé writing services. You need to be willing to allow them to make whatever changes to your resumé that they deem relevant. Thanks to their past experience in working with IT companies, they should have a better idea of what they are looking for than the average person will. 

Can You Send out More than One Resumé?

One final question you may have about using a resumé to get work is if you can send out more than one. The answer is that you should send out multiple, and you should also consider working with more than one IT staffing company. Just make sure that you don't send resumés to the same companies you plan to use a staffing company to pursue. If you have already sent out a resumé, a staffing company may decide it is not worth their time to represent you. In that the staffing company is your best chance of getting the job, you should not take any steps that would dissuade them from working with you. 

In sum, you need to do enough work with your resumé to get IT staffing agencies to be willing to work with you, and at the same time be ready to benefit from their expertise in improving your resumé and helping you to land a job.