Picking Out Your Business Sign

When you are opening a business, you have many pressing issues to consider, so you may not give enough time and energy to picking out your business signage. You do need to focus on choosing the best sign for your business since it can make a huge difference in attracting customers.

City Regulations

Before you make plans for your sign, you need to check out your municipality's rules and regulations. Many have restrictions on the size and the type of information that you can put on your sign. Some areas will not allow you to have an illuminated model. If you do not own your building, you also need to check your lease. Your landlord may have their own restrictions on what you can display. 


Experts say that business owners frequently make the same mistakes when it comes to their signage. Although you do not want a sign that would look at home in a carnival, you also do not want to blend into your surroundings or attempt to be too elegant. Using only neutral colors and non-descript font will cause your sign to be overlooked every time. Signs need to attract attention with color and bold fonts like Furore


As a result, you need to post them at the right height as well. Your in-town signs need to be low enough that drivers can read them as they stare out their windshields. Anything too high is totally ineffective. Tall signs only work for freeway drivers. Research shows that if traffic is passing your sign at 25-30 mph and requires a lane change, your sign should be visible from 410 feet away. If no lane change is required, the sign needs to be seen from 155 feet away.  If traffic is traveling at a speed of 35-40 mph, your sign should be visible from 550 feet if a lane change is involved or 185 feet with no lane change. 

Planning your signage is an important step to business success, but it is one that you may overlook while planning the other tasks of opening a business. You do need to research the rules and regulations that cover business signs before you begin to plan. Also, take into account the location of your sign or signs and the content. Some areas restrict the verbiage that can be placed on business signs. You can always talk to a sign company, like ABC Stamp Signs & Awards and others, to help with the details. Plan carefully, and you will create signage that attracts the right clientele.