Three Ways To Make Your Storage Solution Even More Affordable

When you need extra space to house your many possessions or are looking for a way to bring more order to your home, leasing a self-storage unit can be the solution. With so many self-storage facilities in business throughout your city, this degree of competition can lead to low-cost monthly rates for you. If you're looking for some ways to make leasing the space even more cost-effective, there are several methods at your disposal. Here are three ways that you can further reduce the monthly rate of your self-storage space, further increasing its affordability.

Reduce The Volume Of What You Need To Store

Arguably the simplest way to spend less on your storage space is to only store what you absolutely need to. This means it's useful to get rid of the items that you might be tempted to store but, realistically, you do not anticipate using again. You don't have to simply throw out these possessions -- you can try selling them online, donating them to a local charity or even giving them away to friends or family members. Provided your items have more than just sentimental value, it's worthwhile to sell them. In doing so, you can often raise enough money to pay for a portion of your storage space.

Split The Space With A Partner

Finding a partner with whom you can divide your storage space is a cost-effective way to improve the affordability of using self-storage. Reach out to those in your trusted circle of contacts to find someone else who's interested in leasing space at a self-storage facility. You can then decide how much you each need to store, determine the ideal size of space, and then determine whether you wish to split the space evenly or, for example, give one person one-third of the space and the other person two-thirds. You'll find that by pooling your money together and leasing the space, you'll be saving a considerable amount more than if you leased the space alone.

Opt For The Most Basic Space

It's common for self-storage facilities to offer a wide range of storage solutions for their customers. This list can often include heated storage spaces and storage spaces that allow you to control the humidity. If the items you plan to store don't call for these benefits, you don't need to pay more to lease them. Instead, ask about getting the most basic space in the self-storage facility, as doing so will help you save money.

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