Maximizing Your Storage Options In An Open Floor Plan

When you are renting, every square inch of space counts. A well laid-out townhome or apartment with an open floor plan can feel huge in comparison to one that is very compartmentalized, or even a small single-family home. The problem with a seemingly spacious open floor plan is a lack of storage. Fortunately, there are ways to reclaim storage space in your townhome without adding clutter. Here are a few.

1. Utilize basement or garage space. One of the biggest benefits of having a townhome instead of a traditional apartment is that they often offer the luxury of having a basement or an attached garage. Use this space to your advantage. These are the perfect places to store items that are not being used, such as seasonal decorations and clothing. Because basements also stay much cooler than the rest of the home, they are great for storing certain food items, such as dry or canned goods, or potatoes and onions. Garages are a great place to house your deep freezer and can free up space in the refrigerator.

2. Get organized with storage furniture. In order to store items such as extra bedding, children's toys, and blankets, look for furniture that can serve as both a storage area and a functional item. For example, storage ottomans are great for seating as well as keeping your kids' toys organized, and an old chest makes a great coffee table that can also double as blanket storage.

3. Maximize closet space. You can also increase the storage in your apartment or townhome by maximizing the usable space in the closets. Tension rods can add a second row for clothes storage, and canvas shelving that attaches to the rods can also add function to your closet. 

4. Think creatively about storage. You can also make more room by re-purposing items that you may not traditionally think of as storage. For example, an old beanbag chair cover can serve as a great storage container for your child's excess stuffed animals. A kitchen accent, such as an old china hutch, can be re-purposed as a computer workstation with plenty of space for document storage underneath. It will still look great in your kitchen or dining area, but it will add function and storage space. 

You don't have to sacrifice storage space in order to live in a townhome or apartment with an open floor plan. With a bit of creativity, you may find that you have even more storage as well as function in townhomes such as those overseen by Gerber Management Services.