How To Keep Roof Rats Out Of Your Attic

While it may seem like all rats come from the bottom surface of your home, there are also roof rats, which go up the side of your home and onto the roof. These rats are not only annoying to hear walking around, but they can also gain entry into your attic. Here are some helpful ways at getting rid of them and keeping them from your attic space.

Eliminate Food Sources

You should learn about the types of food that rats like to eat, since this can help you eliminate these sources of sustenance. Rats will leave areas without something to eat very quickly, so even if they enter your attic, they won't stay for long. As far as food goes, they will eat almost anything, including fruits with a high fruit content, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, and pet food. They also like tree bark, insects, lizards, paper, soap, and beeswax. You also need to be wary of water sources in your home. Rats can chew through almost anything to get to faucets, lawn sprinklers, birdbaths, and ponds. Be very careful around these areas of your home and set traps if needed.

Seal Your Home

If your home is properly sealed, any rats outside won't be able to easily gain access. They might be able to get onto your roof, but won't find a proper way to get in, and will leave your property for someone else's. Inspect your entire home for areas they can fit through, particularly any holes or cracks on your roof. Don't forget to look around areas that might have tiny gaps, such as around your chimney, solar panels, and vents. They can get in small spaces, so all cracks should be sealed, no matter the size.

Have Your Ductwork Inspected

Roof rats have the ability to climb and fit through very small spaces. They won't be afraid to enter the ducts in your home and use them as a path to the attic and other rooms. Make sure you have your ductwork inspected. You first want to get the ducts cleaned out and be sure there are no rodents or signs of them. Once that is done, have the home heating services professional inspect the ductwork for signs of cracks or holes. They will check the ducts and areas of your foundation where they could get into the ductwork.

Clean Up Your Yard

Roof rats might have originally been drawn to your home because of your yard. Take some time to clean up your yard and you will prevent more from making their way to your property. Start by trimming all of the tall trees and bushes, as this might be how they got onto the roof in the first place. Also remove any fruits and needs that are falling from the trees, as this provides them food sustenance. If you feed your pets outdoors, remove it once they are done eating. When you have months where the rats are active, avoid filling the bird feeders.