Spice Up The Looks Of The Bathroom With A Fresh And Funky Mirror

If you want to add some style and spice to your bathroom on a budget, revamp the bathroom mirror. You can give the space a unique look and fun feature simply by altering or modifying your vanity mirror or removing your medicine cabinet. Give the bathroom a stylish detail that melds with your overall room theme and décor.

Some funky treatments for your bathroom mirror include these ideas:

Frame-less mirrors.

Large frame-less mirrors that cover the back-splash of a vanity or wall in the bathroom can make a room seem much larger, and the ceilings much taller. These affix to the wall with clips and ordinary screws, which can be purchased at any home improvement store. Be sure to have a glass contractor finish the edge of the glass once it has been cut to fit your space, as they can treat it to prevent potential hazards.

Mirrored tile.

Skip the conventional mirror and go with mirrored tiles instead. These are often found in a self-adhesive variety, which can create a chic, contemporary look behind a vanity, in a border, or even on a counter-top in the bathroom. Create a distinct bathroom mirror by using these tiles in a pattern or configuration that best suits the space.

Photo frames.

Create a cool focal point on a bathroom wall by framing various sizes and shapes of mirrored glass in vintage picture frames. Give unique frames the same color paint, or use multicolor frames in the same uniform size to position on a wall for function and fun. Consider covering an entire wall with a unique collection of old frames, each filled with mirrored glass, which may also make the room appear bigger.

Mill-work borders.

Custom wood mill-work is beautiful and rich, and can bring a sense of depth and sophistication to the home interiors. Consider adding some lovely pieces of mill-work around the mirror, whether it be tile or single-pane glass. Echo this trim throughout the space, adding crown molding around the ceiling or a chair rail along the walls for a distinctive look that is unexpected in the bathroom.

The mirror in your bathroom can create depth and enhanced dimension, giving the space a larger feel. Try these tips to bring a stylish feature to the room, while also making the most of what space you do have. Give your bathroom some flair with a fresh, funky, and functional mirror!