3 Things To Look For When Buying A Chain Link Fence For Your Business

A commercial chain link fence can help your business in many ways. It can add security, help separate your building from surrounding businesses, and even give your company a more professional appearance. Learn what to look for when buying a chain link fence for your business, so you can enjoy the results of this addition.


A chain link fence should be difficult to climb, especially if you own a business where many expensive belongings lie within your walls. Choose a mesh style that is as small as possible (3/8" thick should do) to keep would-be thieves and curious intruders at bay.

Choose a fence that is made of galvanized steel, which is harder to manipulate with cutters and other tools that someone might use to break into your company. Adding a sign that says 'Employees Only' or 'Private Property' can also be beneficial for added security. Businesses that might consider a climb-proof fence include:

  • junkyards
  • pawn shops
  • daycare centers
  • self storage facilities


You want a chain link fence that you can customize for attraction. Many companies that provide these types of fencing have spray-coated color options that you can choose to make your property really stand out. Common colors that business choose include white, green, or red, or black.

You also want a fence that has a rolling gate attached to it for easy opening if you have company vehicles or freight you need to move in and out of your property often.


If you are using a commercial chain link fence to protect a warehouse, tool shed, or even main office, you want to choose a chain link fence that will offer privacy. You can easily up your privacy factor by adding mesh slats that weave in between your chain links.

The wider the slats, the more privacy you obtain. If you want privacy but still want to be able to see out of your chain link fence, simply choose slats that are 2" wide or thinner. You can choose your slats in many colors, including white or brick red, to add attraction to your business.

Your business is important to you, and adding a chain link fence can give you the security and privacy you need. When choosing a commercial chain link fence, keep privacy, any customization desires, and safety in mind. In doing so, you can choose a fence that will fit your needs best and bring you greater satisfaction.