Finding A CDL Job: How To Get Hired Fast

When you have a CDL license, it doesn't mean you are guaranteed work. Learn how to boost your appeal as an employee by utilizing these great tips.

Apply everywhere

Trucking agencies aren't the only people who hire for CDL jobs. Many companies need these kinds of drivers, from hospitals to produce stores. Contact your local temporary employment agency and fill out an application there in case a traveling CDL job pops up, but don't knock the local opportunities to haul flowers or furniture. If you apply to multiple establishments, you up your chances of getting employment quickly, and you just may find that working for a furniture store lands you many more benefits than driving all over the country. In short, be open minded to employment. Having a CDL means more than just driving a semi around.

Be available

List your hours as flexible as you can. If you are okay traveling long distances or working weekends, jot this down. Holidays not a problem for you? Add it to your resume. Many companies need reliable CDL drivers who are available at odd hours, so the more you can fit this criteria, the greater chances you'll have of getting hired. If you are wanting more traditional 9-5 hours, this is fine, too, but you may need to fine tune who you apply to. Local companies who just need drivers to move their inventory locally are going to be more likely to meet your needs if you have a strict schedule you'd like to follow.

Be low-risk

CDL drivers that can keep their traffic violations to a minimum are at a higher demand than those who come with hefty risk. This is because they are typically more reliable employees and less of an insurance risk to employers. But if you have a spotty criminal or driving history, you can still get hired. Just use your great skills, flexibility, and work history as your main attribute instead, so your other small flaws can be overlooked.

When you need a job but you have a CDL license, you can have many types of employment available to you. The key is in applying everywhere you can, both on a local and national level, having a flexible schedule, and having attributes most companies are looking for. If you stay diligent and use the resources available to you, you should be able to land a great job in no time.

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