Make The Right Impression With Your Front Door

First impressions are always important. This is just as true for homes as it is for people. The exterior of your home can tell a lot about you as a person and indicate what type of environment lies inside. One of the main focal points of your home that has the power to influence the thoughts others have about you and your home is your entry door. What is the color of your entry door saying about you?


Entry doors that are neutral or beige can indicate a desire to blend in. This color signifies that you naturally conform to rules and society.


This vibrant color is the color of passion and suggests that your home is an exciting place to be. According to Chinese Feng Shui, it is a sign of welcome, drawing in positive energy to the home. In fact, in early America, travelers knew that they could stop at a home with a red door and receive a meal and good night's rest.


Green signifies tranquility and harmony. This color can have a calming effect and reduce stress. Having a green front door suggests a healthy, safe, and peaceful home with family members who care about their community and hold traditional values. In the United States, it also represents prosperity.


A blue entry door indicates that your home is a sanctuary. It denotes a calm, relaxing environment and a sense of loyalty to all who enter. However, the hue of blue you choose for your front door can drastically alter impressions. A light blue conveys a kind and friendly atmosphere whereas a dark blue signals a desire for privacy.


Painting your door yellow will pique the curiosity of your neighbors. This color signifies confidence and humor and creates a sense of happiness. Yellow is also the color of mental clarity and denotes wisdom and understanding. Beware, however, that in Western cultures, yellow has a dual meaning. It can bring a sense of joy and hope on one hand and cowardice, jealousy, and dishonesty on the other.


Purple is the color of royalty and wealth, although not necessarily monetary wealth. It also indicates that you are a unique (not many people choose purple for their front door!), open-minded, and energetic person. This color is thought to bring opportunities such as career advancement and improved health to the people in the home. Purple can also be a very spiritual color and is often connected with psychic activities and meditation.


Black is a power color. By painting your door black you are sending a message of strength and authority. Neighbors will get the impression that you are a conservative person of importance with a stable lifestyle.


White is a traditional color for a front door and represents purity, serenity, and virtue. It also suggests that you keep your house clean and organized.

Choosing a color for your entry door should require some thought. Think about what impressions you want to convey to your neighbors and friends, who you are as a person or family, and what type of atmosphere you want to bring to your home. The entry door is the gateway to your home and someone will walk through or pass by this gateway every day. Make sure it is giving off the right impression.

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